Social Studies: Map Skills

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Jumbo Map Pads
Make geography lessons easy with Jumbo Map Pads. Choose from colorful labeled or blank maps. Includes a black and white reproducible map on the back of each pad. 30 sheets per pad 15.875" x 10.75". $4.99 Each


US Map - Labeled


US Map - Blank

Map Activity Posters $10.99 Set
Each package contains 30 identical 17" x 22" student posters with corresponding activities and a teacher's guide.

Basic Map Skills
Students locate, color, and label the continents and the oceans on a world map; identify the hemispheres along with the continents and oceans they contain; use a compass rose; work with latitude and longitude, understand time zones, and more.
The World
Students learn about the seasons, latitude and longitude lines, time zones, and more while coloring and labeling their own large, colorful maps of the world.
The United States
As students color and label large maps of the United States, they learn about U.S. states, regions, rivers, time zones, and state capitals.

Giant Maps
Giant 48" x 72" corrugated maps. Roll for storage. $22.99 Each
PAC78760 United States Map
PAC78770 World Map

Map and Map Skills Mini Bulletin Board
Use the detailed illustrations and labels in this mini bulletin board to teach a variety of social studies concepts. Set includes 40 interactive die-cut pieces labels, a 21" x 6" title, and an insert guide with suggested activities. Partial set shown. Gr 3-5.
CTP3793 $7.99

Mapping Skills Activities & Outlines
50 Lessons to improve mapping skills. This resource provides in-depth coverage of the skills needed in map reading: north-south-east-west, legend, scale, longitude and latitude. Includes over 50 reproducible up-to-date maps of countries and regions of the world. Assessment rubrics included. 128 pages. Gr 4-8.
OTM119 $18.99

Outline Maps of the World
Over 50 Reproducible Maps! This resource contains up-to-date maps of countries and regions of the world. It is designed to supplement geography studies. 64 pages. Gr 1-8.
OTM118 $12.99

Mapping Skills
Hands-on mapping activities provide in-depth coverage of the skills needed in map reading. Students make maps of their classroom, school, and neighborhood. Learn to locate places on a map, to find countries using coordinates, and locate themselves on a map. 22 activities give students a wide variety of knowledge and challenges. 64 pages. $12.99 Each
OTM117 Grades 1-3
OTM107 Grades 4-6

Maps of the USA
Features geopolitical maps of each of the fifty states; political maps of the six regions; and political, physical, and thematic maps of the United States. You’ll also find fun facts, geography bee-type questions, and review pages. The book is divided into four sections: the fifty states, the six regions, the United States and a review section. 128 pages. Gr 1-6. View sample pages.
EMC3721 $18.99

The World - Reference Maps & Forms
Contains 92 maps, evaluation forms, a crossword puzzle, a word search, and an answer key. 112 pages. Gr 3-6. View sample pages.
EMC3720 $18.99

Map Across America
Develop geographical literacy for the modern world. Gr 3.
WRP603 $5.95