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One Card Game
These most remarkable card games help students master equivalent fractions and pairing unlike fractions to make the sum of “one.” Visual learners will welcome the design of the cards that picture fractions using a variety of models and name them with numerals and words. Covers halves, thirds, fourths, sixths, and eighths. The easy-to-play game variations keep interest high as students develop key skills. Some variations are self-checking, adding another helpful dimension. A longer-term investigation challenges students to combine five randomly drawn fractions to make “one” using any combination of operations! For 1-4 players. Gr 4+.
CRE4002 $6.95

The Original Fraction Dominoes
Brighten the day with Fraction Dominoes! This popular game has 45 dominoes showing fractions in circle sectors, unit squares, bars, parts of groups, and as numerals. Five game formats offer experience in matching equivalents and building sums of “one” using halves, thirds, fourths, sixths, and eighths. The interesting and easy-to-play game variations provide practice essential for fluency! For 1-4 players. Gr 4+.
CRE4080 $10.95

Equivalent Fraction Dominoes
Success with fractions requires competence with equivalent fractions. Players practice rapid recognition of equivalent fractions or adding fractions as they play “Fraction War,” “One Up,” or “Fraction Match.” Three levels of difficulty make play available to a broad range of players. Includes 48 durable dominoes showing fractional parts in pictures and numerals. For 1-5 players. Gr 4+.
CRE4519 $10.95

Exploring Fractions
Five units cover fractional concepts from the basics through fraction and mixed number operations. Three-part lessons include: teacher-guided exploration, independent practice, and opportunities to apply new concepts. Includes notes, suggestions, and a standards matrix. Supports NCTM standards. Gr 4-8. 96 pages. View sample.
CD404088 $12.99

Math Reference for Middle Grades
Classroom references for decimals, fractions, pre-algebra, ratios, proportions, geometry, probability, and more. Lessons include problem-solving guides and practice problems. Some also describe common mistakes and how to fix them. Includes national standards alignments, a glossary, plus a CD-ROM with printable practice pages and answer keys. Supports NCTM standards. Gr 4-8. 96 pages. View sample.
CD404089 $18.99

Math Reference for Middle Grades
Activities become more challenging as students build upon what they have previously learned. Two reproducible activities per page. Perfect for review and practice. Supports NCTM standards. Gr 4-8. 96 pages. $12.99 Each


Algebra, view sample


Pre-Algebra, view sample


Fractions & Decimals, view sample


Word Problems, view sample

Pre-Algebra and Algebra
Topics include integers, fractions and mixed numbers, decimals and estimation, graphing, ratios, proportions, and percents, rational numbers, square roots, statistics and probability, linear equations; inequalities and absolute values, systems of linear equations, powers, exponents, and polynomials, quadratic equations and factoring, rational expressions and proportions, and more. Also includes practice pages, assessment tests, reproducible grid paper, and an answer key. Supports NCTM standards. 128 pages. $16.99 Each
CD4323 Pre-Algebra, Gr 5-8
CD4324 Algebra, Gr 6-12

Algebra II and Geometry
Help students make the transition from Algebra to Algebra II or to Geometry with activities that simplify math concepts, step-by-step instructions with examples, practice problems, real-life applications, a list of symbols and terms, tips, answer keys, and references. Use as a full unit, a supplement to the curriculum, or a tutorial that students can take home to reinforce classroom lessons. Supports NCTM standards. 128 pages. $13.99 Each
CD404028 Algebra II, Gr 7-12
CD404029 Geometry, Gr 6-12

Four-Pan Algebra Balance
Unlike any other balance, this balance makes it possible to physically show that -1 < 0. Weights placed in the outer pans represent negative integers and those placed in the inner pans represent positive integers. Students use the balance to derive the rules for working with signed numbers, solving linear equations, building identities, and modeling systems of linear equations. Ideal for small group work, the sturdy 17" plastic balance comes with 4 plastic pans, a set of plastic weights, and 4 plastic canisters. Detailed instructional booklet included. Gr 6-12.
LER7545 $44.99

Algebra Tiles
Students build geometric models of polynomials exploring firsthand the concepts related to them. Classroom set includes overhead set and 40 pages Activity Book. Gr 6+.
LER7540 32 tiles only
LER7547 Classroom Set (30 student sets) $119.99

Algebra Bulletin Board Set
5 boards, 17" x 24", titled Tables and Graphs, Ratios, Algebraic Rules, Positive and Negative Numbers, and Solving Algebraic Equations. Includes a resource guide and reproducible worksheets. Gr 5-12.
CD1949 $12.99

Power Solids
This versatile set of 12 translucent plastic geometric solids uses many of the standard dimensions of pattern blocks as each piece's base. Removable lids allow children to compare volume using wet or dry material. Includes six prisms (rectangular, square, cube, small triangular, large triangular and hexagonal), sphere, hemisphere, cylinder, cone, square pyramid and triangular pyramid.
LER7630 $17.99