Mathematics: Parquetry, Pattern Blocks & Tangrams

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Parquetry Block Super Set
Create and match patterns and designs with these thick, wooden geometric blocks in six brilliant colors. Set includes 32 pieces in a work tray and 20 parquetry pattern cards. Tray measures 10"x10". Ages 4-7.
LER0289 $29.99

Plastic Pattern Blocks
Choose from two thicknesses: 0.5 cm or thicker 1 cm blocks. Use these sets of 250 blocks, in six shapes and six colors, to explore patterns, symmetry, linear and area measurement, fractions and problem solving. The 1 cm blocks are thick enough to stand up for 3-dimensional patterning. Teaching Guide included.


0.5 cm, set of 250



1 cm, set of 250



0.5 cm, set of 100


Pattern Smart
A fast-paced pattern-recognition game that develops familiarity with patterns and shapes naturally. Players race against each other to create a pattern from a flip chart. Each Pattern Smart flip chart booklet has three levels: basic, intermediate, and advanced. The patterns become more difficult with each round of play. As players progress through the flip chart, they will increase math confidence, geometric aptitude, and critical thinking ability. Players will also become familiar with the properties of triangles, squares, rhombuses, trapezoids, and hexagons intuitively, without traditional textbook-style memorization. View guide.
ESPSG01 $26.99

Double-sided distortion-free plastic mirrors help teach concepts of symmetry when used with pattern blocks. 4"x6", set of 4.
LER4273 $9.99

Intermediate Pattern Block Design Cards
36 design cards, varying in complexity, entertain and encourage geometric exploration. Great for patterning and reasoning practice. Complete with Teaching Notes. Gr 2-6.
LER0264 Design Cards $14.99
Pattern Block Activity Pack
Activity set includes 36 designs and 125 Plastic Pattern Blocks in 6 shapes and colors. Gr 2-6.
LER0335 $24.99

Pattern Block Book
This comprehensive activity book will enable you to take maximum advantage of pattern blocks, one of the most common and versatile hands-on materials available. Each of the 60 activities includes black line master, teaching instructions, connection to math standards and additional explorations. The activities are organized into sections that address the key math strands as recommended by NCTM: number and operations, geometry, measurement, algebra, and probability. All activities are designed to address the most recent state and national guidelines. 136 pages.
DD25294 $16.95

Studies in Symmetry
This 48 activity lab helps students develop a strong sense of line, point, and rotational symmetry using pattern blocks. These versatile activities provide patterns that range from primary to advanced levels in difficulty. Comes complete with 270 quality card stock pattern blocks. Can also be used with standard pattern blocks. Gr PreK-3.
CRE4765 $23.99

Pattern Blocks Stamps
With this set of six stamps, your students can now record solutions to Pattern Block problems. Each stamp's base is the same color as the corresponding block, which makes identification of the shapes easier for young children.
CE801 $14.99

Classpack Tangrams
The whole class can practice problem-solving with this set of 30 tangrams in assorted colors. In sturdy plastic bucket. Includes Teaching Notes. $29.99 Each


Six Colors



Four Colors


Fractions with Tangrams
Students “get” the concept of fractions more easily and permanently working with these tangram activities. 42 hands-on blackline masters provide practice with halves through sixteenths, equivalents, congruence, angles and area. Includes answers and solutions, teacher notes and masters for tangrams. May also be used with plastic tangrams (not included).
DD24221 $8.95

Tangram Smart
A fast-paced tangram-matching game that makes solving this cheerfully challenging centuries-old puzzler a joy. Fit colorful triangles, parallelograms and squares together to form hundred of shapes: traditional to whimsical, simple to complex. Animals, letter numbers, people and everyday objects are just some of the things you will find in out 45-0bject flipchart booklet. Puzzle fun and plane geometry are fearlessly forthright in this ancient Chinese game of congruence, similarity, and transformations. With English, Spanish, French and chinese terms provided for each object, Tangram Smart is a game that will collect no dust, and is great for everyone! View video demonstartion.
ESTSG01 $24.99

Attribute Blocks
Each 60-piece geometry set includes five shapes, three colors, two sizes and two thicknesses. Compartmentalized, plastic storage box has lid that doubles as a stencil/shape sorter. Pieces range in size from 10 cm2 to 30 cm2. Pocket set pieces range from 3 cm2 to 9 cm2. Ages 3-11.


Attribute Block Desk Set



Giant Set


Attribute Block Stamps
Use this terrific new set of rubber stamps for teaching sorting, classifying and ordering. The blocks are also great for developing the concept of logical thinking. This set includes 5 shapes in two sizes: circle, square, rectangle, equilateral triangle and hexagon. Stamp images are the actual size of attribute blocks.
CE816 $26.95

Rainbow Premier Pentominoes
Scored pentomino sets in red, blue, green, yellow, orange and purple are packed in a clear plastic tub for easy storage. Teaching Notes included. Set of 6. Gr. 1-8.
LER02866 $19.99

Primary Shape Template Set
Relational shapes help students make mental connections as they compare shapes. Provides relational examples in varying sizes and orientations — trace around the entire template for the largest version! Lets students easily view their tracing lines after repositioning the transparent template. Supports NCTM Early Learning Standards for geometry and shape relations. Includes 5 durable labeled templates: circle, triangle, rectangle, square and hexagon. Rectangle measures 7.5"L x 4.5"H. Grades PreK+
LER5440 $7.99

Grouping Circles
Two each of 20"- diameter collapsible circles in red, blue and yellow. Set of 6.
LER1286 $12.99