Mathematics: Number Concepts

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Hip Hoppin' Hundred Mat
Hop on this oversize version of the familiar hundreds board. This versatile mat will engage a range of kinesthetic learners with its attractive age-neutral design. Reinforces hundreds concepts, counting, number patterns, place value, operations, problem solving and overall number fact fluency. Focuses attention on specific numbers and patterns (such as even and odd) through the use of double–sided, color–coded number frames. Includes 2 inflatable cubes for numerals 1-6 (measuring 5"L x 5H") and 54 square number frames and Activity Guide that offers intervention strategies. Wipe-clean vinyl mat measures 4' x 4'. Grades K+.
LER1100 $29.99

Positive & Negative Number Line Activity Set
Hang to visually demonstrate number and operations skills, or lay flat for kinesthetic center activities. Use with a wet-erase marker to highlight numbers! Shows numbers -25 to 25 horizontally on one side and vertically on the reverse to prepare students for the orientation of Cartesian coordinates in algebra and geometry. Reinforces positive and negative numbers, operations and algebraic equations. Includes 2 magnetic arrows, 2 inflatable vinyl number cubes (5" each) and 10 double-sided, reproducible Activity Cards with answer key. Thick vinyl number line with hanging grommets measures 48"L x 8"H; use with wet-erase marker to highlight numbers. Grades 4+.
LER7696 $27.99

Hundred Board Large Table Top Pocket Chart
Help students understand everything from learning number patterns, odds and evens, skip counting, and simple addition and subtraction. Set includes 144 - 2" x 1 7/8" tiles (0-100 with color-coded extras for multiples of 2, 3, 5, 10), a 19" x 19" nylon stand-up pocket chart with storage pouch, and reference guide.
SME760 $24.99

Number Line Stamps
With these stamps, students can make their own number lines as reference tools for their desks. Included in the set: a number line from 1-10, a number line from 1-20, and a number line providing spaces for math problems.
CE913 $16.99

Hundreds Number Boards
Introduce number patterns, sequencing, place value and more with this durable plastic 100s Number Board with recessed squares! Double-sided board features numbers printed on the front and a plain grid for additional patterning and graphing activities on reverse. Includes 100 numbered white tiles, 25 transparent red tiles, 25 transparent blue tiles, and activity guide. Board measures 12" x 12", tiles measure 1" x 1".
LER1331 $24.99

Laminated Hundred Boards
Two-sided 11" x 11" cards provide 1" number squares from 1 to 100 on one side with blank grid on the reverse. Set of 10.
LER0375 $9.99

Multiplication Chart Stamp
Quick multiplication chart.
CE924 $4.99
1-100 Chart Stamp
Numbers 1-100 in a block grid. Great for quick reference.
CE925 $4.99
100 Block Stamp
100 block grid for students to create their own number grid.
CE926 $4.99
Multiplication & Hundred Chart Set
Set of all 3 stamps.
CE923 $14.75

Whole Number Dice
Set contains 3 dice 1 to 6 and 3 dice 7 to 12 along with two operator dice. Practice basic math operations.
KOP11701 $4.99

Positive/Negative Dice
Classroom set of 31 dice. Includes assorted fractions, whole numbers, operators and polyhedrals. Will answer the need for math manipulatives and challenge the mind!
KOP11702 $17.99