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Smart Snacks - Count'em Up Popcorn
Build number sense and recognition, and practice counting sets. Includes 15 jumbo popcorn pieces to count into 5 different-size bowls (printed with with numbers 1-5). Bowls nest to store. Largest measures 2.25"H x 4.75" in diameter
LER7346 $19.99

Smart Snacks - Shape Sorting Cupcakes
A delicious way to encourage shape and color identification and build fine motor skills! These 8 two-part cupcakes pull apart to reveal a circle, square, triangle, rectangle, oval, hexagon, star and heart. Match the shapes to put them back together. Then match the shape to the pan bottom. Ages 2-6. Includes pan and eight 2-part cupcakes. Cupcakes measure 2"H x 1.5" in diameter.
LER7347 $19.99

Smart Snacks - ABC Lacing Sweets
The plastic beads include 10 vowels (all in red for easy recognition) and 21 consonants. Each bead features uppercase on one side, lowercase on the other. The two laces, which can be used to string together letter sequences or form words, reinforce hand-eye coordination. Includes scoop and jar with snap-on lid for storage.
LER7204 $19.99

Smart Snacks - Stack & Count Layer Cake
This stackable treat makes early math a party! Includes numbers 1-10 with colored frosting and decorations to count. Features chocolate and vanilla cake to sort odd and even numbers. Builds motor skills with stacking layers. Durable plastic layers wipe clean and nest for storage. Smallest layer measures 2" in diameter, largest measures 7" in diameter, and cake measures 22" high when stacked.
LER7312 $19.99

Pretend & Play Healthy Food Sets
Encourage healthy choices with these realistic-looking sets of nutritious food. Great for developing oral language through role play in early childhood and ELL classrooms. Sets contains a 10.75" x 5.25" x 8.5" shopping basket and an Activity Card and Teaching Guide. All pieces are actual size and washable. Ages 3-5. $24.99 Each

Healthy Breakfast Set Includes an English muffin half, egg, banana, 7 strawberries in a bowl, 2 pancakes, butter, yogurt cup and orange juice.
Healthy Lunch Set Includes 2 slices of wheat bread, 2 slices of turkey, lettuce, tomato, cheese, 4 celery sticks, 2 pretzels, grapes, orange and milk.
Healthy Dinner Set Includes grilled chicken breast, spaghetti with tomato sauce, peas, beans, potato, 4 apple slices, 5 carrot sticks, French bread and milk
Healthy Food Set All three sets combined.
LER5340 $69.99

New Sprouts Fresh Picked Fruit & Veggie Tote
Fill a tote with nutritious, freshly designed produce and invite early dramatic play! Soft, rubberized plastic produce has a spunky look that little sprouts will love! Set of 17 includes red apple, tomato, strawberry, apricot, carrot, lettuce, pear, cucumber, berry cluster, plum, grapes, corn, banana, lemon, onion, potato and storage tote. Durable canvas tote measures 8"H x 9"W.
LER9722 $29.99

New Sprouts Bushel of Fruit
Set of 10 includes apple, strawberry, lemon, banana, plum, orange, apricot, grapes and pear, all stored in a plastic bushel basket. Basket measures 4"H x 5.5" in diameter
$14.99 LER9720
New Sprouts Bushel of Veggies
Set of 10 includes corn, cucumber, broccoli, red pepper, eggplant, carrot, yellow pepper, asparagus and potato, all stored in a plastic bushel basket. Basket measures 4"H x 5.5" in diameter.
LER9721 $14.99

Farmer's Market Color Sorting Set
Sort and sell bushels of realistic produce! Perfect for dramatic play and nutrition lessons too. Includes Activity Guide, 25 foods and stickers for labeling 5 baskets (red, yellow, orange, green and purple). Baskets measure 4"H x 5.5" in diameter. Ages 3-7.
LER3060 $39.99

Pretend & Play Sliceable Fruits & Veggies Set
Just like a real chef! "Slice" apart fruits & veggies, and share a pretend snack. Provides a safe way to include kids in family meal preparation, encourage healthy eating habits and introduce food vocabulary. Features play food pieces that join by hook-and-loop fasteners. Great for exploring how parts come together to make a whole. Builds fine motor skills as kids slice fruits and veggies with the pretend knife. Includes strawberry, orange, plum, pear, pineapple, carrot, corncob, tomato, green pepper, lettuce head, play knife and cutting board. Plastic pieces wipe clean and store in sturdy box. Largest food (corncob) measures 4.5"L, cutting board measures 6"L x 3.75"W and knife measures 6"L. Ages 3+.
LER7287 $24.99

New Sprouts Classroom Play Food Set in Large Tote
All the yummy food you need for your dramatic play centers and early nutrition lessons. Includes 100 durable pieces with a fresh design of soft, rubberized plastic in contemporary shapes. Packaged in a large tub (12"L x 7"W x 12"H) with carrying handle. Ages 2-6.
LER9723 $149.99

New Sprouts Munch It!
Serve up yummy fun with soft, durable plastic food that is most familiar to toddlers. Two slices of bread, 3-piece blueberry muffin, glass of milk, two slices of cheese, carrot, juice box, mini bagel, bowl of cereal, bowl of mac & cheese, yogurt cup, hot dog in bun, banana, cookie, clementine orange, apple, and spoon. Ages 2-6.
LER7711 $24.99


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